the confusion continues

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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the confusion continues

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attached is my bike. its been modified to have a 21" front, and 18" rear. it also has the 78 faux tank. it hasnt officially been lowered yet, but it will be. the image shows it lowered.

im hoping the members can assist me in syncing the carbies. theyve been rebuilt completely, and appear to be operating fine.

i pressure tested the cylinders a couple of months ago and each cylinder showed 90-95 psi. which was quite shocking.

under a wet test, the psi went to 110. when i had the heads off, the valves did not leak any cleaning fluid i used to clean carbon etc from the head, so i figured that they were ok.

so i installed new rings. i re did the compression test and got the same results as before, but was told that itll take some time to bed in. the cylinders were honed.

im now syncing the carbs and i can sync 1-3, and 2-4 together, but i run out of adjustment when trying to sync each side.

what seems odd to me is that when i back the vacuum off on the 2-4 pair, the rpm of the bike drops, but as the vacuum approaches the same vacuum as on the 1-3 side, the rpms suddenly rise alot.

i figured that this was fine, as long as i could back off the rpm using the throttle adjustment. BUT, ive now reached the end of the throttle adjustment..i.e. any further backing off of that screw just loosens the screw, as its already hit the backstop.

the bike has 54,000kms on it. i have not measured the bores. i didnt think it would be necessary for those kms.

im starting to think that my bike's 54k kms (about 33,000 miles) was pretty harsh.

some additional background, i read that with a compression of 95, the bike would barely climb a hill. well, when i first got the bike, i rode it to the auto registry and it road slightly sluggish, but generally ok. i didnt know much about the bike then, so hadnt synced the carbs.

the bike appeared to have not been overly well maintained, which is why i stripped it completely down. mechaniocally it showed no signs of concern, bearings good, no obvious excessive wear.

fluids hadnt been changed in a long time though- forks were putrid, and rear drive assy fluids pretty dark.

ive got the electronic ignition on it now also.

what i dont have, is the air filter on it when ive been syncing (didnt think that'd be a biggie), and im unsure of the affect of the length of the vacuum gauge tubes- should they be exactly equal?

(just so you know, it is NOT the case that the longer tubes are showing different vacuums. the vacuum kit is the EMGO one that comes with 4 extensions. 2 short ones, 2 long ones. there is a short and a long one on EACH SIDE).

i didnt want to pull the heads (again!), but will if i have to. i did not replace the valve guide seals when the rings were done. the bike doesnt blow smoke. ive also tried idle adjustment screw settings from 1 and 3/8ths through to 2 turns.

i rebuilt the air bypass (?).

im also not 100% sure that the compression test result is accurate as my mate had the exact same testing unit and it showed the same PSI, but got stuck, so was returned as faulty. we tested again and got the same result with the replaced tester.

its now been 14 months of work restoring and chasing issues with this bike. lord knows the cost. way more than i had anticipated.

starting to think that tearing it down and selling it in parts might be an option.



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