Broken Engine Moount

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Broken Engine Moount

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I've not posted before, but have been a member for some time. Bought this '76 GL 1000 and rode it for a few days, when I parked it. The PO sold me a POS and I was in two minds whether to scrap the bike, or rebuild it. Parked it in a corner of the garage and went on with other bikes. One of the deal breakers on this bike, was a broken engine mount; which I only discovered a few months after the purchase. The initial cause for parking the bike was wiring so bad, it nearly torched the bike. Buying a new engine casing locally would be too expensive and importing one, even more so, given high postage/transport fees.

I have considered taking the bike to a competent welder to weld up the break and may still do so, if this is the only possible fix. But, I have some ideas and need to put them past experienced 'Wing wrenchers to get some feedback.

The engine mount in question, is the top, right hand 'tube' part at the rear of the engine block. This is the mount that attaches with chrome triangles to the upper frame at the rear and comprise of four shortish tubes; two outboard and a joined one in the middle, where the two engine halves meet; inter spaced by a channel in the two block halves. These are attached to the two triangles by a longish bolt. (I hope I have described this adequately.)

Now, where the break is, the engine block looks quite thick. I was wondering:

If I take a piece of steel strap, about 2 cm wide and 4/5 mm thick and attach to the top, a tube that would duplicate the part of the mount where the bolt passes through, and then bolt this strap to the vertical side of the block where it appears fairly thick. To consider this fix, I need to know that the rear of the block is thick right through (basically, the back wall of the engine casing) and in any case, deep enough to hold soy; a 8 mm bolt (two) to a depth of at least 12 - 14 mm. I've not opened the engine at this time, so need feedback from someone who knows these engine blocks fairly well.

Should this not be feasible, then I'll have to split the casings and take it for welding.

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Re: Broken Engine Moount

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My engine also had a broken mount but it was the upper front mount. It was welded without splitting the case. That was 8 years back and no issues.
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