Restoring inherited 79 GoldWing GL1000

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Restoring inherited 79 GoldWing GL1000

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Hey all, I just inherited a 79 GL1000 from my late grandfather. Its awesome, but it also has been sitting in his abandoned house for about 7 years now and we cannot find the key. I want to restore it myself (20 y/o), and I've stared at it, poked around at it, and did some research on how to restore this bike, and I just have no idea where to start. As for the key problem, my dad and I found replacement keys on ebay (or Amazon, don't quite remember), but I'm not sure on how to change that either. So pretty much any advice you can give me on how to start this assumingly long project would be awesome and super beneficial.

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Re: Restoring inherited 79 GoldWing GL1000

Post by virgilmobile »

Assume the worst and hope for the best...Restoring it to a safe ridable condition will take a lot of labor and a fair chunk of cash.
I've not been able to get a bike road worthy for less than 4-5 hundred...
That said..before you go deep into it replacing stuff..check the engine to see if it's got a heartbeat....Gettin it to move is first...
As always with a unknown bike,I NEVER just try to put in gas and crank it up.....It should be first turned over by hand..after you check the oil level in the engine.
I'm not sure if this one has the kick start or not but it can be turned over by the nut on the back of the stator..It's at the back of the engine under a large cap.Or centerstand it..put it in 5th gear and turn the rear wheel.
Turn it over with all 4 plugs pulled....
If it moves over freely,I'd next put in a battery and see if the electric start will crank it over...There is a way to trip the starter solenoid without having the key on.
*****Keep in mind that were still not trying to start it and the timing belts should be replaced before you do start the engine..****

Do test the compression next..add a half teaspoon of oil to each plug hole...Look for a minimum of 110 psi....A good engine will be in the 145 range.

Let's find out first if the engine is capable of running first...There's a page load of stuff that needs to be serviced after that...

Assume nothing and expect to spend lots of time with the carbs,all the fluid replacement,braking system,tire replacement,ignition system
Fortunate that MANY of us here have done exactly what your going to do...
As far as the key...Keep that on the back burner for now...You would have to have a dealer order a key for that switch.or take the whole thing to a locksmith..Even the ignition switch cannot be removed from the lock housing without the original key turned to the run position.
It may be easier to locate a complete assembly and replace it.
Poke around at it and see what it looks like.Post any pictures of question and keep us up to date.

Your gonna really like that bike once it's set right.
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Re: Restoring inherited 79 GoldWing GL1000

Post by badandy »

Sort the engine out first as stated. If the engine needs major work (i.e. bad compression) it may just be worth selling as a parts bike.

Gas tank is an issue if it is rusted. Major surgery to remove and repair correctly. Comes out through the rear of the bike after removing wheel, shocks, etc.

After the engine all the electrical needs gone over. Dirty/corroded plug connectors and fuse holders will cause all sorts of problems. Easy fixes, just time consuming.

Brakes and tires will need done. Rebuild the calipers and master cylinders for peace of mind. Tires and tubes will have to be replaced.

For the key here is a guy I have used in the past: ... EBIDX%3AIT

Prepare for more hours than money to get it running. Good luck!
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