Looking to buy a 1984 Goldwing but it doesnt start

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Looking to buy a 1984 Goldwing but it doesnt start

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I have a friend whose father is selling his 1984 Goldwing.Problem is that it doesn't start.He says he has put $1500 into repairing it but in the 8 years he has owned it he has only driven it 2 miles.He says all it needs is a starter drive.Is that expensive and is it hard to replace myself.I have worked on cars and some motorcycle work. Before I buy I wondered if it would be worth it.

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Re: Looking to buy a 1984 Goldwing but it doesnt start

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How much is he asking? Would need a lot more specifics. What has he spent $1500.00 on? Is it a definite on the starter? if it is the original starter, it can be taken apart cleaned, new brushes if necessary and put back together by yourself. Lots of DIY threads on this forum. Carbs will need to be done, lots of other maintenance items to do as well. Again, a lot of threads on this forum on what to do to get the bike on the road.

Peruse the various threads, come up with a game plan and budget. There are those who purchase older bikes and have a maximum budget of $3000.00 USD for buy and getting on the road - if you do your own work very achievable.

Once you have it operating and safe to ride these are great bikes. Don't let the age deter you, or parts availability. There are a lot of creative work arounds/mods you can do.

I can also say that the "snowball effect" and "Murphy" will show up for time to time.

I would say a buy between $500.00 to $1000.00 (lower the better) would be reasonable and give you approximately $2000.00 to get the bike going.

Another consideration is your timeline for buy and ride. If you are in a hurray, maybe look for one that is already on the road and in reasonable shape (no guarantee with a used bike).

I have been refurbishing an '85 Limited Edition and keeping track of my costs. It does add up, but I'm enjoying the challenge of bringing it back to an exceptionally good bike that will keep up with my friends and their new HDs. Like it so much bought a second '85 Limited Edition to get on the road as well. the second bike should be less expensive because of the learning cute from the first one - hope to use the $3000.00 premis.

Just my thoughts on your issue.

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Re: Looking to buy a 1984 Goldwing but it doesnt start

Post by rzaugg »

The 1200 is a VERY nice riding bike and you would love it. Big question is though, what is the starter doing and why does he say that it needs a starter drive?

To explain why you want to know. The starter, if it spins when the button is pushed, is doing exactly what it is supposed to do and all that it can do. There is no Bendix or other such mechanical devices built into the starter. There is a splined shaft on it, that has a sprocket that goes on it, which then drives a chain, which drives another sprocket that is part of an over-running clutch that is on the same shaft as the rotor part of the alternator.

In short (you guessed it) if there really is something wrong with the starter drive, you have to pull the engine out of the bike and remove the rear case cover to repair it.

P.S. If there is a small sprocket that comes out when you pull the starter, then the chain is broken and engine still needs to be pulled. Good news is that if you're in the mood for a project, it's really not all the hard to pull the engine out and you may get the bike for a much better price. Bought my wife a 1200 for $300.00 because the work that it needed, wasn't that bad, the seller just thought it was.

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