Starting motor without electrical hooked up

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Starting motor without electrical hooked up

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Hi everyone,
New to the group. Just bought my first 1975 GL1000 a week ago and I'm up to my elbows in grease (as per say) and loving it. As per previous owner, who's had the bike since '04, it ran rough 5-6 yrs ago and sat since. Probably didn't store it properly and when I brought it home, it wasn't turning over. After some research, I let it soak overnight and finally got it turning yesterday.

Although I have a tons of questions, the information on this forum is fantastic so I'll research as I go as to try to minimize duplication of posts. I will post if I can't find anything. One of my questions though since I am new to the world of mechanics - is it possible to start the motor without any of the electrical/wiring harness connected or minimal connections since I know it does need spark to fire. I'm working on rebuilding the carbs and the majority of the bike is dismantled. If I have to reconnect everything I will but I've seen videos (more on car engines) that the motor is sitting on the floor or on a stand and they get it running.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Starting motor without electrical hooked up

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Yes there is a way. If you simply want to test whether the starter motor works, connect a car battery. Starters take 300 Amps and up to turn the motor over. You cannot use a 12v power supply to test the starter. This just isn't enough "juice". Use #8 wire. Connect one to each battery post. Positive goes to the stud on the starter, and the negative (from the battery) goes anywhere on the starter (but not the stud). The motor will flip over unless it is bolted down (a hanger strap will suffice).

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Re: Starting motor without electrical hooked up

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even less no lights, no charger, rectifier/regulator ,,,just points, coils, condenser, starter, and ignition switch..and grounds and fully charged battery.

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Re: Starting motor without electrical hooked up

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Where can I get a copy of that diagram that is bigger and readable. If I zoom in I can't read anything
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Re: Starting motor without electrical hooked up

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Looks like its a generic diagram but should get you headed in the right direction.

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