'75 GL1000: fuel outside of dome seals & plenum half seal

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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'75 GL1000: fuel outside of dome seals & plenum half seal

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Hello everyone. I've been slowly restoring a '75 GL1000 over the past 2 years. This forum, and others, have been extremely helpful and detailed in assisting me in my "adventure". It wasn't supposed to take this long, and neither was it supposed to be this in-depth. I've methodically taken everything apart, cleaned, painted, fixed or replaced just about every consumable part. I'll post pics of the complete bike when it's all done. I have three things to fix, one of which I'm posting about in this thread.

I haven't been able to get the bike to idle properly. While riding, there is lots of power, and I have rode it up to 50mph. I do have to play with the throttle when slowing down or sometimes it dies. So, she idles a little rough, and sometimes idles high when hot. It has a slow return to idle as well. However, this is just part of the problem. So far, I have soaked the intake tube rubber boots in "rubber renew" for a couple days which made them much softer than before, and i think they make a better seal. The head-to-intake seals are brand new, and spraying carb cleaner or ether around them didn't do anything to the idle speed. For the third time, I proceeded to remove the carbs and disassemble for further evaluation. This time, I took tons of pictures, but they're too large to attach :(

When I removed the plenum halves, I noticed old gas (brownish liquid) on the outside of the gasket (Gasket is nitrile purchased from Randakk's website). This seems to be old fuel. When running, there was no fuel leaking from the plenum halves. I'm assuming this was forced through the gasket when the bike back-fired a few times. (I had to use ether to get it running, until warm enough before I synced the carbs)

I proceeded to remove the individual carbs to dig in further. When I removed the domes, i noticed the old fuel again on the outside of the round plastic spacer, near the dome screw holes. I know there shouldn't be any fuel in this part of the carb. Perhaps this fuel got pushed out when it backfired? Any thoughts?

Further disassembly revealed gelled solids in the float filter. I think I let the carbs sit with fuel for over 6 months. Bad idea. This caused uneven fuel levels in all carbs, which could contribute to my issues. Even though none of the jets were clogged, I cleaned them all again and blew out with compressed air. I also blew out all the passages.

I check the floats again, made sure the float pins don't bind. Only on one carb the float level was slightly off. They're all set to 21mm from the raised edge of the carb body. I also followed Randakk's tech-tip on how to ensure the floats are "square" in all dimensions.

When I took the carbs apart the last couple times, I did not check the throttle shafts. That was the goal during this third removal. Long story short, one felt washer was missing, and two of them were broken, with missing chunks. I painstakingly made new ones using project felt material. I used lithium grease on the bushings and felt washer when assembling the throttle shaft and butterflies.

I've already applied quicksteel plastic fuel tank sealer to all carb dome tops. These appear to have sealed properly, with no visible signs of any sort of leak. The slide in one of the carb was sticking. I swear I made sure these were smooth falling the last time I disassembled the carbs. I polished all mating parts with 1200 grit sandpaper. This slide falls smoothly now, with no sticking.

I'm ready to assemble the carbs. However, I have to line the fuel tank with POR-15 first. The shutoff valve leaks, and I see rust particles in the clear fuel filter. I had already removed and cleaned the tank about a year ago, but seems like I need a more permanent fix...

My apologies for such a lengthy post. My questions to you guys and gals are these: Do I need to worry about the the old fuel found past the plastic dome spacer and plenum half gasket? I really don't have any way of sealing these areas. Also, what would cause the carb slide to stick again?

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