No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

Post by clouric »

Hi, while this site has been very useful for me over last few years, now is the time for me to post for first time. Looking for help. Gl1000 76, recently changed points,(first time I do this) I believe all is ok there except that since done that I only have fire in 1&2 cyl. I suspect problem is coil but am very new to this part of ignition. Can anyone help me out in explaining how to check coils and circuitry from point to coils to plugs? I did read Randakk and other sites, utube, etc but wish someone had specific advise for my model gl. I own the bike since 2002 and never had any problem up until I started playing with points. (I’m probably the problem lol). Thanks in advance, Richard, Montreal, CAN.

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Re: No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

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Before you change a coil, I would make sure that the points for cyl 3/4 really function properly: usually when a problem arises after you fix something, something went wrong during the fixing ;)

Circuitry from points to coils is for instance here:

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Re: No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

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Since 3 and 4 are on the same coil and same points, has to be a wire loose or a set of points way off or fowled.
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Re: No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

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Setting ignition points on these things is a very tedious procedure and you have to know what you'e doing.
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Re: No spark cyl 3&4 76 gl

Post by terryt »

Have a read of this it explains how to set the points and timing up. take from naked goldwings site. as previously said it a real pain to do but take your time and you will get it right.

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