Fork leaks? Gl1200 Aspencade

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Fork leaks? Gl1200 Aspencade

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Hi all,
I just bought a 1982 Gl1100 Aspencade and the suspension is different than my 1980 gl1100 Interstate. I had a few questions.

It holds air overnight for at least a week with no apparent change in air pressure. It holds air when I ride for at least an hour. It could hold it for longer but that’s as much as I’ve had it out. Still, it looks like it could be leaking oil at the fork seal. Is that even possible? To leak oil but not air?

Im wondering because there is a small amount of crud/oil at the top threshold of the inner fork tube when I’m done riding. Also, riding at the lowest recommended air pressure setting according to the gauges, the forks actually grounded out into the fairing when I was turning over the curb lip into my driveway. I only did it once.

Thank you for your help.


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Re: Fork leaks? Gl1200 Aspencade

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Yes they can leak some oil without loosing air pressure. There is considerably more volume of air in them compared to the small amount of oil that it takes to show a leak.
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