76 GL1000 Engine Crash Bar options

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76 GL1000 Engine Crash Bar options

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So I recently completed the mechanical restoration of my 1976 GL1000 and have put 75 miles on the bike with a learner's permit. Over the last weekend, trying to maneuver the bike to the back yard, it slipped out and dumped on its side. Luckily no damage was caused, but did bring to light the want for a better engine guard.

I currently have the single hoop which goes in front of the engine and is secured to the frame at 4 points.

I would like to add something similar to the GL1100 and GL1200 where there is a U shape piece that goes from front to back around each valve covers, and secures to the frame behind towards the rear. More so, I think adding this to the current hoop would be ideal.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? Can anyone tell me of specific years to look at for parts to build this?

I do have access to welding, and I would not be against the idea of stripping the chrome, getting this built, then re chroming so it looks factory.


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Re: 76 GL1000 Engine Crash Bar options

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1100 guards bolt right on a 1000.
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