1976 GL1000 - project update and a question regarding clicking..

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1976 GL1000 - project update and a question regarding clicking..

Post by Saltspringer »

My winter project is progressing.

This week I got my tires and after struggling for an hour on the front, finally fitted it and then couldn't get the bead to seat evenly... :x I decided that this was probably an easy job for a motorcycle shop, with a proper machine and 300 psi, so ended up having a shop in nearby Victoria fit them.

A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to fire up the engine. The cosmetic look of the engine suggest that it has not done a lot of miles and when I was refitting the rear wheel I could see the spline looked brand new, further evidence I think of modest miles. Compression checks showed 130/135 psi on all cylinders. It blows a little smoke from the LHS, however the amount of smoke is reducing every time I start it as, I assume, the rings are bedding in after multiple years sitting. It starts at the touch of the button, revs cleanly and smoothly and sound really sweet. I rode it about a kilometer and found the gear shift a bit harsh, I am assuming this to will free up a bit more with some use on the clutch. I will look at syncing the carbs this weekend, I think the ignition is spot on.

I do have one question......

There is a bit of an intermittent clatter from the clutch area, it doesn't change if you pull in the clutch and I wondered if anyone has any idea what may be causing this?

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!

All the best


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Re: 1976 GL1000 - project update and a question regarding clicking..

Post by dingdong »

Carbs being out of sync will cause the primary chain to clatter at idle. Will smooth out as you increase rpms.
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Re: 1976 GL1000 - project update and a question regarding clicking..

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

If you put the bike in gear and with some load on the transmission does the noise go away.. It could just be some clutch basket rattle - which is totally normal on these bikes.

Pus a good carb sync may help remove the low end rpm rattle as well.
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