Valve job on my 1976?

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Valve job on my 1976?

Post by Tamredfox »

There are slightly less than 50 k miles showing.
Compression at 120-125 psi all cylinders cold. Test repeated, results the same. Valve clearance correct. Results repeat after engine oil added to all cylinders and with a different compression gage. Approximately ten minutes of smoke from left exhaust after being parked for lunch.
Bike runs great even at 12000 feet.
Is it time for a valve job, if so where are good sources for valve guides, seals ,valves and gaskets?
Thanks in very much in advance for any info

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Re: Valve job on my 1976?

Post by newday777 »

The smoking for 10 minutes sounds more like a head gasket on it's way to blowing. It's is probably leaking antifreeze into a cylinder. Check your spark plugs for one or both being cleaner looking than the others.
Does it crank over slower when it is cold than after the smoke clears? Does the smoke smell sweet? Those are tell tale signs.
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Re: Valve job on my 1976?

Post by Joneszy »

I wouldn't suspect a valve job is in your future but I am not a motor guru.
-Is the smoke bluish, black or white? Blue oil burn, white coolant or black flooding a bit?
-Could be a valve guide or seal allowing oil to bypass when shut down.
-Was it parked on the side stand or center stand over lunch. Maybe try it on the center stand if was left on the side stand you may be experiencing a bit of the gl left cylinder smoke problem. I have had this multiple times in the past but after it clears up there is no problem after that.
-Are you checking compression with throttle held wide open?
-What were the plugs like when you pulled them to do the compression test.
-I usually park it at home on the center stand (greatly reduces left bank smoking on start up) and on the side stand if stopping for a burger or whatever.
Just a couple of quick thoughts
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