78 GL1000 Mid Range Hesitation

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78 GL1000 Mid Range Hesitation

Post by jreitars »

I'm looking for a little advice can't seem to get my gl1000 running right. It starts easily, idles decent, above 5000 rpm runs well but low to mid-range rolling onto the throttle it bogs down and may have a miss.
-Replaced plugs, resistor caps, points, condenser, upgraded Condensor ground, set ignition timing multiple times, checked advance mechanism, coils ohm out okay.
-The carb I've gone threw a few times, replaced o rings, checked air-jet sizes, fuel jet sizes, float height, slides, and needle look okay, checked for vacuum leaks. throttle shaft seals are leaking a bit but I've read its better to be left alone.
- the timing belts replaced and timing is good, I've recently adjusted valve clearances
- stock exhaust, the air filter is aftermarket but air cleaner is the stock setup
- carbs are synced with motion pro tool
- The Carb numbers are correct as well as the numbers on the engine in the bike
The bike runs pretty decently if you keep the revs up but it has very poor throttle response in the mid-range. Not sure where to go next with it any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: 78 GL1000 Mid Range Hesitation

Post by ohiobobcat »

Have you checked the vacuum slides in the carbs? I just answered another post with the same response since I've had this issue before. If the slides are binding they won't fully open until the engine is pulling more air through the body of the carburetor. You can pull the set off, empty the fuel from the bowls, and use a shopvac to pull air through the runner. Open and close the throttle to see what the slides are doing. I had one that was sticking down and causing this mid range stumble, as well as later having one stick up, causing the bike to have an occasional high idle.
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