1977 GL1000 Frustrations to Finally running.

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1977 GL1000 Frustrations to Finally running.

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Thought I would take a minute to share some experiences. 6 years ago, I approached a fellow with a Blue 1977 GL1000 in the back of his pickup truck. He was in town, Campbell River BC Canada, to find someone to get it running so he could sell it. It had 40,000 miles on it and he claimed to be the second owner. I had owned a 79 and had fond memories so I bought it, non running for $500. However I had not heard the expression, there is nothing more expensive than a cheap motorcycle. I took it home and after replacing all rubber bits, both round and flat, I had a neighbor, who fixed cars and bikes, do the carbs. Big mistake. I got it back sort of running and he said that if I replaced the leaking mufflers then he would be able to tune it and it would be fine. Yea right. A muffler leak causing non running on a GL1000? So I parked it for 6 years until I had the time and money to have at it. I had to do the following: replace fuel pump, install Dyna Teck electronic ignition, install Dyna Teck ignition coils, (Holy geez they are awesome and worth it!) replace timing belts, time ignition, and rebuild the carbs. Thanks to Randack's incredible inventory and service, and THEIR TECH BLOGS!, I finally got them right. Only took me 6 times. The culprit was a plugged pilot jet on 1 carb and smeared main jet O rings due to not lubricating them on install. I have Emgo Dunstall Replica Reverse Cone Universal mufflers (P/N 80-84051) on order from Fortnine parts in Canada ($95.99 Cdn$ each including shipping) Hope that this little blog will encourage others to keep them running. My bikes: 79 CBX, 77 Gl1000, 96 GL1500, 93 KLR 650 83 IT250

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Re: 1977 GL1000 Frustrations to Finally running.

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The bike looks well worth the effort and investment. It will give you a huge amount of pride & satisfaction when done. Keep up the good work.
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