GL1000 Velocity Stacks

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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GL1000 Velocity Stacks

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I'm building a cafe/naked 1978 wing. I really want trumpets on the intake instead of the box manifold. I think I can fabricate brackets for the linkages, but I'm not sure how to relocate the air cutoff valve. Does is simply connect the outside air with the slow air jet?Thanks in advance.

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Re: GL1000 Velocity Stacks

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The CV carbs on the Wing do not take kindly to alterations on the inlet side. You can do virtually anything to the exhaust but going for trumpets will see you playing with jets, needles, possibly blanking off the piston holes and redrilling to different sizes etc etc until you really wish you had left it alone.
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