1975 / 1978 Gl 1000 Wiring Harness Questions

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1975 / 1978 Gl 1000 Wiring Harness Questions

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Good Day Fellow Wing People!

My cousin and I are working on a farm find rebuild, it appears to be a 1975 motor and a 1976/78 frame. This is not 100% clear as it has had a lot of modifications done, and it could be a combination of more than just those. Lots of eyebrows have been raised at what was going on "under the hood" so to speak.

The wiring harness was in such bad shape, chopped, changed, jumped, cut, soldered etc, that we had to remove all the insulation aesthetic insulation to see what was actually going where. What a nightmare this has become. The bike came to us in barely running condition, with very little on the electrical side actually doing what it should be doing.

I have searched high and low for a diagram that matched what we had (No RLU, no RLU Resistor, No Acc. box, No Volt Meter, strange relays etc.) and have had no luck. The best I've found are the commonly available diagrams for the USA 75 and the USA 78. I beleive there may be different ones for the EU region bikes, but can't find one anywhere.

Alas, I have attempted to create my own version, relative to what we have available, and what makes most sense to my very limited capacity brain...

I've attached a PDF of the one I made, hoping like hell that there's a guru on here who can help us out. We're not electricians by any means (actually a Aircraft tech and a Mechanical Engineer) so we're sure there must be mistakes, but we don't know where.

Is there anyone that wouldn't mind taking a look at this and letting us know if there are major red flags?

Thanks in advance!!!!

Ken and Andrew...

GL 1000 Custom Wiring Diagram 1975/78
GL 1000 Custom Wiring Diagram 1975/78

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