1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by cbford76 »

Typically I don't ask people for a whole lot of help locating items, but as I am now 2 days into the restoration project I figured this would be a good time. I have a friend that happened across two GL1000's and made a deal with me, you fix the 77 and get it running and I give you the 78 to do with as you will. After freeing up the seized pistons and carbs, I am happy to say I got both of them started today. Tomorrow is 100% fluid replacement day. Anyone know if carb cleaner is good for a pre-clean? I want to get the varnish burned off before I start the nightmare of rebuilding the carbs. Also I am trying to find a good place to buy decent condition parts. My fake tank cover assembly is rotten in the middle, the outside is fine, but the area around the fill neck rotted and took the rest with it. I have the sides, but the main part is gutted. Also in the rusting process I noticed the air box is junk now, I had to sheer the wing nuts just to get the box cover off, so I am looking for a new box as well, prefferably without the holes like mine LOL. Also I noticed the breather screens on the intake are rusted, is there a way to replace those? I don't have a Clymer manual to consult, although I am looking for it on PDF if it is available. The only big ticket items are the bag frames and tin chrome, I have to either pray to the chrome gods I can get the rust off or I am gonna strip and paint until I can replate. Also the stock seat is going in the trash, I want something more like a Mustang seat for comfort reasons. Exhaust on both sides is chewed through and I need covers for the front cowl left and right boxes. Oh yeah, the choke cable is seized as well. A replacement tank would be ideal.

So the 77 needs a new key latch on the tank cover, it was completely rusted in place and unlike the 78 everything inside the key lock is metal. I don't recommend sheering the pin, removeing the lock and forcing the lock mechanism to let go btw, but it was our only option. Also the 77 won't run without candy in the intake, so I am thinking clogged filter. If I can clean the tank on the 77 I think I can shove it off, but I need fuel caps for both 77 and 78.

Anyway, this is day 2 and I am hoping the rest of the projects run like today did. I still can't believe we got those things unseized in 5 hours and sparking. 6 years of sitting. The 78 sounds very nice, minus the swiss cheese exhaust.

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Re: 1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by 78AzWing »

What exactly do you mean by 'won't run without candy'?

Try running Seafoam through your carbs to help get rid of the varnish. Run a line from the inlet side of the pump (rear most fitting on pump) into the can of Seafoam, and start the bike. Just let it suck up the fluid in the can. Most likely they will need rebuilding though.

And with no fuel caps you probably would be better off to replace the tanks.
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Re: 1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by jambes »

i would cut off my right arm for your seat i have had no success finding one anywhere please e-mail me. jhoward21@bak.rr.com thanks hope to here from you soon.
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Re: 1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by artgrantz »

I was able to get a very nice seat for my GL1000 at JC Whitney. They may have a lock for the fuel door too. They have surprising amount of parts for the older Wings.
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Re: 1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by ProjectAllOver »

im parting out a 77 gl1000 for $350 for the entire thing. its apart but appears complete. i need the front end but the rest is up for grabs. let me know if you still in need of parts. thanks.
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Re: 1977 and 1978 GL1000 projects needing parts

Post by D2D »

I'm looking for a starter if you still have one on that 77 you'd be willing to sell.

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