help my identifying my 77 GL1000, paint, parts..

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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help my identifying my 77 GL1000, paint, parts..

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Hello everyone,

New here :D ...My dad bought 77 GL1000..After few months we found, that engine starts to overheat which leads to headgasket damage on right cyl :roll: ...Main problem was waterpump failue...
We solved mechanicaly almost everything, replaced w pump, replaced gaskets, rebuilded heads etc.....Between that time, we decided also to repaint it and restore it to OEM condition or at least close to OEM...We found that dummy tank with three gauges was from K3...
After that I found also that rev tacho is without TEMP reading which means that is probably also from models 78 and up..Start/stop switch was not OEM.. .Now we are really confused..
Frame and VIN is from 77...It has also kickstarter, but kickstarer lever is missing (must be stored inside dummy tank)..
I have few questions...

electric harness looks OEM, my mechanic said...Connection to these three gauges on dummy tank looks pretty original.Is it possible now to install back OEM tank with only fuel gauge..Do I need to change wiring harness too?
Is wiring harness from 77 and 78 and up completely different?Or they just add additional harness for volt gauge?

replacing dummy tank...
I know I have to replace it with frame...Could i switch lock from v3 tank to 77 tank?Is there anything else needs to be replaced? (see picture of OEM 77 tank which is for sale curently and wanna buy it)

and last question


Seat perfect fit V3 dummy tank...If I put back OEM 77 tank will it fit with current seat?There is also seat cover without HONDA logo ... i know :roll:

I would like to put back OEM rev tacho with temp meter...There is also question about wiring harness?Will it work if i connect them to dummy tank temp harness?I know I need to extend it....
Hope somebody recognize from pictures if loom was from 78 or it is from 77

I have one favour..Could somebody check pictures attached and find what everything looks like its not OEM or was replaced with never model...
Sorry cause bike is without plastic decals, but i am sure you will recognize what should be 77 and what is not from 77.

For reference I also attached picture of color combination..That bike is not ours...Could somebody recognize colour paint code?I know that HONDA colour code is PB-6C-S, but I cant find that code anywere.Any substitue for that paint code?

Thank you for helping us :roll: :)

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