77 GL1000 Repair Checklist

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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77 GL1000 Repair Checklist

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I recently purchased a 1977 GL1000 as a winter project (conversion to cafe racer.) I don't have much experience with motorcycles, but I do with bicycles, which helps a tiny bit) This is my first motorcycle and I am hoping I can get some help in regards with what I should work on first.
What I have done:
1. Removed the body panels, seat, and fenders.
2. Charged battery
3. Cleaned fuel tank (left tank on the bike, used vinegar method)
4. Ordered a shop manual and new gaskets for the fuel sender and gas cap (still in the mail)

Some of the issues I have noticed (from my unexperienced point of view)
1. Oil leak near kick stand
2. Exhaust has a thick black coating on the inside (guessing it is running rich)
3. Previous owner said fuel pump might be shot (that was his guess, fuel had a slight varnish smell, color was off too.)
4. Brake and clutch levers feel 'sticky'
5. Seems to have issues shifting
6. Throttle cable housing has a hole in it from rubbing against a bolt
7. Throttle cable is very loose, as well as doesn't return when rolling off the throttle

I have not heard the bike start up yet. The previous owner hadn't had the bike start up since around September. I am trying to get it in great working order before starting with the cosmetic work. I am working on somewhat of a budget. I won't be riding the bike till I've completed the BRC in the spring. I've been using this forum all the time to help me through the work. I greatly appreciate everyone's contributions! That is one reason I felt like this bike would be a great purchase was because of the community. All insight would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask questions!

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Re: 77 GL1000 Repair Checklist

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At Randakks site there is a world of info regarding gl cycles. Here is a list of things to do when restarting a gl1000 engine. https://www.randakksblog.com/starting-a ... /#more-687

The most important project is to replace the timing belts asap.
Welcome to the forum. More folks will be along shortly. Read through the How To articles above also.
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