1979 GL1000 Timing belts

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1979 GL1000 Timing belts

Post by Benjiiboy »

Hi, completely new to the goldwing, and this sight, not new to turning wrenches. As I have a shop full of bikes, the 1979 Goldwing, an 88 750c, and a few others.

But as I was doing the timings belts on the 79', I get everything all lined up, but when try to get the belt tensioned up it pulls it out of time. Is there something I'm missing? Like too add, when looking at the front of the motor, the right belt was already brand new, this is the left side, again when looking from the front.

Thank you Ben!

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Re: 1979 GL1000 Timing belts

Post by Winger1957 »

If you are talking about the right-side gear moving a couple of teeth when you position the belts, I will tell you what I do to keep that gear from spinning: vise-grips. Super simple, just get that right-side gear (one on the right as you sit on the bike) lined up perfectly, then gently clamp it it down with some vise grips. You won't even scratch your gear, and it only takes a couple of pounds of pressure. You will have one jaw on the gear, and the other jaw on the back-plate of the timing belt housing. This is the bast, fastest, easiest and most accurate way I have found to hold that gear in place as you work the belt onto the gears. And NAPA has belts for 1/2 the Honda price.
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