Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Carolina Drifter
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Post by Carolina Drifter »

if any one should come up needing a manuel on the gl1000 ihave gotton one on pdf adobe that I would be happy to send on if it would help someone just ask and it,s your,s Carolina Drifter Ihave to thank Mortiki for trying his best to help me soif anyone needs this it,s your,s

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Re: gl1000

Post by Rdbooker »

I would love a copy I have a 79 GL1000 email address is thanks
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Re: gl1000

Post by Kams77GL »

Yes, PLEASE. New to the Goldwing and jjust got a 77 GL1000. Pictures and anouncements to be posted soon. Please send to e-mail address:
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Re: gl1000 manual

Post by idasnogoer »

could you please send me a copy of the service manual to

I just got one of these, 76 GL1000, and I'm new to the whole bike thing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: gl1000

Post by Hermanni58 »

Please send me a copy.


Thanks in advance

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Re: gl1000

Post by ka-ja »

Hi Carol
Just got a 1976 GL 1000
Any chance of a copy of the Manual in PDF Please
Kind Regards
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Re: gl1000

Post by fishon68 »

I just got a 78 gl1000, that used to be my dads. Carbs are in boxes and hasn't run in over a decade. I'm going to try to get it running on my own. I would love a PDF manual.
Thanks Very Much
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Re: gl1000

Post by ron0339 »

I just bought my first Goldwing today it's a 78 GL1000 with GL1100 carbs. I could use a copy of the manual please send to
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Re: gl1000

Post by skovtrold »

Hey. :P
Would be very happy, if I could get a pdf to my GL1000 K2 from 1977

Thanks in advance

Jan Frimann
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Re: gl1000

Post by sdmaker »

Would like a copy as well, just bought my first wing, 75 gl1000
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Re: gl1000

Post by jaykado »

Hi, I just bought a 1977 gl 1000 and I would love a copy of the manual. Thank you SO much! I need to learn all I can about this bike. Please send to Thank you.
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Re: gl1000

Post by TheRobbie1950 »

Yes please,...I have a 1978 GL1000, and would really appreciate the manual for it.

Thanks in advance.... email =
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Re: gl1000

Post by patinto123 »

I just bought a 79 and i need a manual if you could forward it that would be great thx

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