78 Goldwing won't start

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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78 Goldwing won't start

Post by GrumpyGrizzly »

I pulled my gas tank off my 78 Goldwing to clean it out (Kinda reminds me of helping a water buffalo give birth) and when I put it all back together, it won't fire up at all.

I had some GoldWing backyard mechanics stop by to look at it and before they got within 20 feet of the bike, they said it was the coil packs on top of the carbs.

Amazing mechanics to be able to troubleshoot a problem from 20 feet away I'm thinkin.. and they left.

The bike was running BEFORE I took the tank out.. Now it's not running.. Me thinks I must have missed something when I put it back together.

Any ideas would be greatly helpful..

Once I get this one on the road, I need to get my 83 Aspencade running, I'm thinking it's dirty fuel as well..

Also, my '95 1500 was running fine then sputtered and quit. Still turns over, won't start. Tank was empty so I put fresh gas in it. Thinking it musk have sucked up all the gas in the bottom of the tank and clogged the filter so I've got a new filter and plan to get that one back running too.

I''ve got an 1100 as a parts donor and it came with the carbs off the bike and they were wrapped in plastic. I'm thinking someone had them cleaned up nice, then gave up on the bike. It's my parts donor and I was thinking maybe those carbs from the 1100 might work on my 83 Aspencade. Would appreciate any comments you guy and gals might have as to whether they would hook up.

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Re: 78 Goldwing won't start

Post by winguyjo »

staying with the 78 ...

have you confirmed spark ?
have you confirmed fuel in the bowls ?
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Re: 78 Goldwing won't start

Post by robdot1964@gmail.com »

I would start with the basics. I installed a fuel tank on my 79 and it's very tight. Very easy to pinch a wire. Check the two coil wires that lead to the coils. It's unlikely both have been disconnected. You can check spark but I'd simply spray ether or carb cleaner in the intake. If it fires, your problem is fuel. No fire and it's spark.
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