Odometer accuracy on used 78 Goldwing GL1000

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Odometer accuracy on used 78 Goldwing GL1000

Post by swensor »

I've got many years on cycles but none on a Goldwing. I'm considering a used '78 GL1000 with reported 44,000 miles.
Any tips on telling whether the bike has 44K or 144K miles would be much appreciated.

Thanks. :(

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Re: Odometer accuracy on used 78 Goldwing GL1000

Post by virgilmobile »

I just bought a 83.It shows 10k miles.Well,almost 30 years old,I can believe 110k.Can't prove it,but it's better to assume the higher number.The compression is still good,not 170 psi,but still OK.My point is that if it pulls good,idles OK,the suspension moves like it's suppose to,it may be only 44k miles.Mine was obvious,rear shocks were seized,front fork tubes don't slide easily(bad stiction),exhaust rusted out at the coupler,stone pitted paint everywhere.It has seen a lot of highway miles.Although it's not uncommon to find a well maintained Wing,in good shape,with 200k plus miles on it.If the price is right and it checks out OK,what's the problem with 144k miles?
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Re: Odometer accuracy on used 78 Goldwing GL1000

Post by jazza »

I would agree that you would have to assume 144,000. I just bought a '78 with 41,000 showing. I think the main thing is does it run good and how much are you willing to put into it if it doesn't.

In my opinion the '78 GL1000 is the way to go. They run great but like any thing, you need to look after it to keep it going well.

Mine didn't crank when I bought mine. One month later I have it running great and like it has 41,000 on it. either way you will need to consider changing the timing belt.
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