76 GL 1000 Advice

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76 GL 1000 Advice

Post by HazelGrace »

I've been offered a 76 GL 1000 for $500 that allegedly ran and was driven up until it was tarped a few years ago. From the research I've done these things are remarkably reliable as long as you keep up on maintenance.

Does anyone on here drive one of these? I'm curious what they're like to live with. Are they miserable to navigate a city with? They also look uncomfortably wide?

I'm 5'10" and 180lbs. This would be my first 1000cc bike. Will it walk all over me?

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Re: 76 GL 1000 Advice

Post by winguyjo »

you will get used to the size and the weight.

you will love the power and the comfort.

for a bike that has been sitting for "a few years" (usually winds up being quite a few years), the $500 initial outlay is just the start. all rubber will likely need to be replaced, carbs will need to be AT LEAST thoroughly cleaned, likely rebuilt, battery, oil, filters, coolant, brakes, handlebar switches almost always need cleaning ... if you are doing this yourself it works out roughly the same as buying one that is already roadworthy but there is satisfaction in doing it and security in knowing where your bike stands. if you are paying a shop to do it ... the money flies out of the wallet at an alarming rate.
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Re: 76 GL 1000 Advice

Post by 77Goldwing »

I had a shop go through my Wing about six years ago after it sat for a decade (it had ~59k miles). New tires, changed ALL fluids, timing belt, rebuilt carburetors, plugs, points. Cost about $2500....a little less than I paid for the bike in 1978. All it has needed since then is a battery and rear brakes.
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Re: 76 GL 1000 Advice

Post by patsinterstate81 »

I'm 6'2, 180 and the bike fits like a glove.

For my 1975 that sat for 20 years and had all the parts on it, I figured $1000 would do, but it turned out to be $1500.
A lot of unplanned replacements come up after you've driven it for a while.
Well worth it.
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Re: 76 GL 1000 Advice

Post by LAB3 »

As mentioned, you'll probably have about an equal amount in rehabbing an old bike as you would buying one ready to go. In my case I prefer to rehab myself, that way I know exactly what I've got and more importantly, how to repair it if there's an issue.

I'm selling good clean fresh hay. If you want some that's already passed through the horse, that comes a little cheaper!

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