Brand new to the bike world

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Brand new to the bike world

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I have never even so much as ridden a street bike. Have had minimal time on dirt bikes, but every man must have his time... I am looking into a ?76 Goldwing 1000? The guy doesn't have a title for it... however I know how to go about the legal road on that issue. I am looking for general suggestions and comments that will help me to make a smart buy. I think I can pick it up for as little as $500 and it does run is what I am told. I understand that the carbs need to be synced however. any suggestion and or comments are MOST appreciated.


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Re: Brand new to the bike world

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Okay, overall a great choice, but check out the frame near the kickstand as that removable section is often the first to show distress. And check out the centerstand, as that too can become no functional due to rust and that means a bigger issue than just the centerstand. They are great bikes and we can help you to restore it to health provided the frame is good.

The fork seals of course can be replaced, but the fork tubes wear and the fork guides in the lowers are not replaceable. Of course Honda built lots of these particularly in '77 and parts are not hard to come by (with the exception of the rear grab rail which were often discarded and are now in short supply with good chrome). They are way too good of a bike to allow them to be scraped. Strong engines that have been know to go over 200K miles.
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Re: Brand new to the bike world

Post by dingdong »

Go to this site to get some tips from Randakk for buying a used gl1000. NGW
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