GL1000 Static Timing Question

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GL1000 Static Timing Question

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Hi there, a (very) amateur mechanic here. I still have points and this is my first time trying to set the static timing of my 1976 GL1000 and I used the instructions from this forum and the split timing technique on Randakk’s page. I wanted to ask this question about the #1/#2 cylinders before I moved on to the #3/#4 in case I needed to make adjustments.

Left Side (#1/#2 cylinders).
(1st) Test light comes on just before the F1 mark and reads 11.7 volts.
Turns off just after F2 and reads 5.9 volts.

(2nd) Test light comes on just after F1 and reads 6.0 volts.
Turns off about an inch or so after the T2 mark disappears and reads 11.5 volts.

My question is that for the (2nd), should the test light turn off so far after the T2 mark, and if so why is such a different place from when the (1st) turns off?

Also, I am assuming that the difference in voltage is normal but it would great if someone could confirm this.

Thanks again, this forum has always been able to point me in the right direction.

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