quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

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quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by kotkinjs1 »

Hi all, on my newest project I didn't expect to be a project the famous 3 yellow wires need to be taken care of. The connector is partially melted, one of the yellow wires (the stator side) has even corroded out of the pin, and I'm only getting about 10ish volts at idle. It seems like 99% of the solutions I've read about this is to cut the connection out and solder the wires together. But someone else has mentioned to that if the connection has melted that's already indicative of a bad stator and I'll need to pull the engine. I guess if you need to pull the engine that's possibly a reason the wires have the connection to begin with.....without unhooking the connection the engine (via the stator) would still be hardwired to the wiring harness on the frame right?

I know I need to go through the entire charging system to figure out where the problem lies but I want to start with the easy things and work up to seeing if I need to replace the stator. Any advice? Just test each component individually? Regulator, rectifier, lines to/from battery, etc? The wiring in that whole area is kind of a mess from the PO and I'm not sure how far I need to go in and start splicing and replacing things. It's got an electric ignition in place of the points so I don't know if anything in this area is part of that.

I **kinda** understand basic wiring/electrics so please keep any responses written 'Barney style' as we'd say in the Army lol.


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Re: quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by Rambozo »

First thing would be to test the stator.
1. Cut back all the damage to good clean wires.
2. Measure continuity to ground on each yellow wire. Should be none.
2. With everything disconnected, run the engine at a fast idle
3. Measure between the yellow wires for AC voltage.
3 Yellow wires = 1 2 3 Measure from 1 to 2, from 1 to 3, from 2 to 3.
You should get around 50 - 70 volts AC depending on engine speed. The main thing is each pair should be about the same.
If all that tests ok, solder and heat shrink the yellow wires to the regulator. Replace any bad wires along the way.
Check charging voltage at fast idle. Should be 13.8 to 14.2 with a fully charged battery.

Yes, once soldered, you will have to desolder or cut the wires to remove the engine. However, that isn't something you often do, so the lack of a plug really isn't a problem compared to all the problems that come from those bad plugs.
Get the wiring diagram from the service manual and start cleaning up all the poor repairs and additions that have been done to your wiring, and the dependability will return.
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Re: quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Agree with Rambozo. Test stator first, as for soldering the wires afterwards, yes/no. Lots of good connectors available nowadays, check at a local marine chandlery, these businesses have some very good high amperage/power/waterproof connectors that can be used. Do a cleaning of the various connectors. Older, dirty connectors affect the electrical system operation, especially ground connections. If there are miscellaneous wires that do nothing, trace back to source and remove. Only makes for a visual mess.

If there are electrical/electronic additions, many threads recommend removing all this extra wiring from the original OEM harness and installing a separate power/ground bus with a new accessory harness when you first get the bike. Use some PET Expandable Braided Sleeving Tube Cable Wire Sheath to keep the wires contained and install looking good.

The original wiring harness has been designed and made with the minimum size wiring to safely operate the motorcycle as it came from the factory. Yes, splicing is always done with good results; however, keeping your extras on a separate power/ground system - second harness, makes troubleshooting way easier. You can disconnect this system from the bike's OEM system, and makes for a neat/clean install.

Just a few thoughts.
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Re: quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by WingAdmin »

A melted connector simply indicates that the connection got hot enough to melt things, which by definition means that your stator has to be putting out current.

If the connectors subsequently shorted out, THAT can cause problems with the stator, however.

Others have written about testing the stator output. I will add one caveat: the voltage coming out of the stator when the engine is running is three-phase AC, and it is at levels that are potentially LETHAL. Treat the wires coming from the stator the same as you would wires plugged into a wall socket. Connect your meter to the wires, make sure the connections are secure, then start the bike and look at the measurement. Then shut the bike off before adjusting the connections to measure the next pair.
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Re: quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by AZgl1800 »

I think, that if I still had a Stator type bike, that I would use Anderson Connectors to hook up the Stator to the bike's wiring.

https://www.amazon.com/Anderson-Powerpo ... B08R6P3WDM
Find This Item on Amazon:

2009 Piaggio MP3 250cc

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Re: quick electrical question - 3 yellow wires, stators, charging etc

Post by MikeB »

For me, I'd just solder the wires together. There is really no reason to have a connector bringing the wires together. Those wires will not be disconnected anytime soon and you may as well mate them permanently. If they ever have to be separated, simply cut them in two and reconnect them later.

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