Adjusting The Clutch On A '76 LTD

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Adjusting The Clutch On A '76 LTD

Post by landisr »

Hello again. I am posting this here for the most 'exposure'. If it gets moved to the GL1000 section I will understand. I have been having trouble adjusting my clutch since replacing the cable (new Motion Pro piece). I have the upper and lower cable adjustments backed off completely. The cover is off, of course. The lock nut is loose. But the adjuster screw will not turn in either direction. How do I proceed from here? The bike is obviously disabled at this point. If any member knows someone here that is familiar with the GL1000 clutch mechanism, could you please PM or email them for me?

Many thanks. Ron

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Re: Adjusting The Clutch On A '76 LTD

Post by cfairweather »

Maybe there is pressure on the clutch plate. Try moving the clutch lever (8) to see if it is stuck. ... -rear-case
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Re: Adjusting The Clutch On A '76 LTD

Post by Old Fogey »

First, did the handlebar clutch lever operate the clutch before you changed the cable?
Or more to the point, why did you change the cable?
If not, the cable is not the problem.
Disconnect it from the operating lever and try to move the lever, in either direction.
If you can backwards a fraction that should take any pressure off the adjusting screw.
If the operating lever (or the screw) won't move, you have a bigger problem requiring the clutch housing to be removed to check the mechanism.
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