successfully replacing ujoint in driveshaft gl1000

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successfully replacing ujoint in driveshaft gl1000

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So since the drive shafts for gl1000 are obsolete rebuilding them is the only option.first and foremost I do not take responsibility for bad craftsmanship so rebuild only if your able to think outside the box. This mod requires the purchase of a Moog 405 universal joint
1. First get a angle grinder with a thin cutting blade. Carefully cut the cross out through the inside of the driveshaft ears you will be cutting through bearings so wear a face shield.
2. After bearing cross is cut out get a socket that's smaller than the driveshaft ears use a bench vise and push out the pieces of remaining caps.
3. Get a angle die grinder with a small carbide grinding bit (not an aggressive bit) and grind the deformed areas that the Honda left when they peened the caps go slowly don't take off any extra, then emory cloth the inside of the ears, clean them up. use a Moog 405 u joint remove 2 caps from the ujiont get them started with a brass hammer don't beat them in just get them wear the will stay put. take ujiont put it the ears holding towards on side or other in one of the caps now start pressing the caps in with vise slowly and carefully until bottomed out now use the same socket from earlier and press the caps in equally should be about a 16th on on each side of the driveshaft ears now repeat the other piece of driveshaft the same way the important part take a hammer and smack the driveshaft just below the ears on the shaft not the ears this will relieve the the tightness on the u-joint to make it swivel freely get four washers that are the same size of the bearing cap and lay it on top of the cap It should just barely sit down in the ears now tack weld in 2 spots on each washer to the ear keep them uniform do not get it hot let it cool between each wielding of ears
8. Your done reinstall drive shaft and just note the added weight will not knock it out of balance happy riding and be glad you didn't have to buy a salvage drive shaft and waist your money on a 46 year old u joint now you have a brand new ujoint with fresh non rotted seals happy riding

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Re: successfully replacing ujoint in driveshaft gl1000

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great post! but importnt thing left out. mark the shafts in straight line before you disassemble! and align marks upon reassembly!
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