rear turnsignal help please

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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rear turnsignal help please

Post by jaykado »

Hello everyone. Great website. Just bought a 77 gl1000. I need help figuring out how to install turn signals on the rear of the bike. Ther is no obvious place and the seat set up is off some other kind of bike. I got the fronts installed (he gave me those), but it did not come with rears. After market ones would be fine, i just want some signals back there as i am a new again rider. Any suggestions on which ones to get, how to mount them, etc would help tons. In the pic you can see what i am dealing with. Could i drill thru the tail light bracket and mount them off there? Or is there a signal mounting kit out there i cannot seem to find? Thanks for any input.

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Re: rear turnsignal help please

Post by tchodge »

dont know if this helps, but uk wings sit on a post coming off the rear light as you saywith the wiring going throuh them ,under the lamp bracket and connect under the seat ,hope this info is what you want and does help
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Re: rear turnsignal help please

Post by virgilmobile »

Here's the factory wiring and print.

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Re: rear turnsignal help please

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Rear grab rails, where the 1977 GL mounts the blinkers as in the photo above, are hard to find. As tchodge said, best bet if you do not find a grab rail or do not want a rear luggage rack, is to mount them to the side of the tail light like was done in 1978 on the same bike.
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Re: rear turnsignal help please

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You could drill holes in the sides of the tail light bracket and mount them there. Here is a pic of how I did mine, using stock signals: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5305&p=22488&hilit=rear+turn#p22488

Ron in MI

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