1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

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1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

Post by davebonaked51 »

You guys were great in helping me with my charging problem. right after that on my first ride i noticed anougher problem. I noticed while taking my first long ride that my low headlight beam went out and so did my tail light. I still had my brake light and high beam light. got home and checked the fuses and noticed the 5 amp tail & meter light fuse was blowen. I replaced it and with in a minute it would blow and was very hot. i wanted to ride it so i hooked up the tail light straight to the battery with a toggle switch and removed the fuse.any idea,s on why this one single fuse is blowing? the picture you see is how i got it right now. fuse removed and tail light with toggle switch hooked directly to battery. but, i would like to fix this problem. Could it be the fuse box itself is bad?

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Re: 1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

Post by HALBUDD »

You have a short somewhere between the fuse holder and tail light. I had same problem a while back,take the seat off and check your wires going to the rear lights I found mine was shorted between the rear fender and support bar. Im not sure about the meter part tho, should be an easy fix once you trace the wire down . Good Luck Hal
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Re: 1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

Post by dingdong »

The 5a fuse doesn't have anything to do with the head light. The only thing that I can see that is common between the head and tail light is the reserve lighting unit. I don't know the internal make up of the RLU so I'm not sure what could happen if it fails but you can check it by disconnecting and putting jumpers between 2/9, 3/8 and 4/5. Which will remove it from the circuit.
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Re: 1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

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You have a short somewhere. Your fuse is doing what it is supposed to do, blowing, instead of letting the wiring melt and catch fire. By hooking the light directly to the battery without a fuse, you are bypassing this safety measure, so that if a short occurs, your bike can become a flaming torch, instead of blowing the fuse. I would highly recommend you find the short and fix the problem correctly instead of wiring things directly to the battery. That's a recipe for disaster.

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Re: 1977 gl1000 5amp fuse problem.....

Post by scotterichmond »

Besides we GL 1000 owners ride one of the best bikes ever made. Why would you "repair" it like it was a chevette ? Fix it right, cause Honda built it right !


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