1977 gl1000, problem while riding home last night...

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1977 gl1000, problem while riding home last night...

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I am a new owner of a 1977 gl1000. I have only owned this bike for aprox. one month. while riding home last night from work on the highway the bike suddenly died. I pulled over on the shoulder and tried to start the bike and it acted allmost like a dead battery , hardly turned over. after towing it home , i let it set untill just a few minutes ago. I tried to start it and it instantly started for a few seconds then died again. now the bike turns very easy , like the battery still has a good charge. but , it just cranks does not start. could this be as simple as a bad plug? gas filter? need the no-how of experienced goldwing owners.

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Re: 1977 gl1000, problem while riding home last night...

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First part."Died on the hwy acted like a dead battery."
Could have been just that or a bad dog bone fuse,corroded ground from the battery at the frame.charging problems(check our posts about 3 yellow wires).A low battery will kill the spark.
Second part. "Started right up then died."
Most likely a fuel problem.Crack open one of the fuel drain screws on the bottom of the carb and see if there is gas in it.If none or very little,look at the filter,gas cap(vacuum in the tank)fuel pump.
If there is gas a plenty,check for spark.if none ,first the kill switch,then the points.

It's an engine,not a magic thing.It needs compression,fuel/air mixture and spark to fire a cylinder.The rest is fine tuning
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Re: 1977 gl1000, problem while riding home last night...

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If the main fuse next to the battery is original replace it..it may look good but may fall apart if you touch it..replace with a blade fuse just cut the old one out and solder in the new one. If that doesn't fix it then on to carbs, coils, etc. You can pull the plugs keep them grounded and crank her over..check for spark should be nice and fat, white or blue..but keep away from open plug holes..the spark could ignite gas vapors..do this with gas off and carbs drained or at least holes plugged. Do not take the plugs off ground it could damage the coils/electrical stuff.

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