piston rod bearings

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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piston rod bearings

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So i've been looking on diffrent site trying to find theses rod bearings. all that i see are Black,Green,Blue.
What i need is Brown/Green for Left side 2and4 Black/Brown for the right side the honda shop wants over 200.00.
Looking for any help for better price. O this is on a 77 GL 1000 :oops:
Thanks Mike

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Re: piston rod bearings

Post by virgilmobile »

Question...Did you determine the color code from micrometer readings of the crank or matching the existing color bearings.?
The different colors apply to a first build scenario.Rather than trim the bearing to plastigauge match the crank,the factory will measure everything and pick which bearing fits the specs.

So I would hope that you would do the same as there may be small changes in the crank that would send a original bearing out of tolerance.

Now with all the BS said.Here's what I did on my 78 gl1000 many years ago.
I was near broke, but I had some good tools.I ordered a set of rod bearings for a 1978 Honda Civic.??????
Did you know that the piston rings are the same size too???
Well I didn't replace the mains as they were in specs.I tried one rod bearing and fount that it was about 0.010" too wide.So I removed the excess width.I Plastigauged each one and fitted each bearing half for the factory tolerance.
I think the bearings cost about $15 for all of them.Don't know nowdays price,but if you can handle some mods,hand fitted parts,and are comfortable with engine rebuilding,it may be worth a look see.
Google the specs for the honda civic engine.

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