Rear suspension

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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Rear suspension

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Hi all and Merry Christmas.
In summertime when I ride with my Wife on the back Seat ( not my back ) and we pass a bump in the road, the rear suspension bottoms ( feels like a flat tyre ). For info: My wife weights is app. 73kg and mine is app. 110kg. The ajuster is in pos. 3. The suspension is with 2 seperated spring. When I push down the rear end it stops bouncing after app. 1 turn so it looks like the dampers is OK. The damoers is the old sollid type.
To me it looks like it is the tension of the spring. I can still give the ajuster 2 more position but would that bee enough? or do I have to replace the sprin. Both side ofcourse.
I have tried to find some measuring of the unloade spring but can't find anny.
Can annybody help.
It is a 78 model but equipt with Hondaline Interstate fairing

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Re: Rear suspension

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Do you keep your bags and trunk empty? At least for daily driving, seems like that would help. And yes, going to the tightest setting on the shock preloads would help but perhaps air shocks are needed as I do not have experience with that much load. Certainly others on this board do.
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