need help after carb clean

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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need help after carb clean

Post by britman » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:45 pm

Hi all well i just cleaned the carbs on my 83 dont know the last time it was done . So i got them out and just cleaned the brown gunk out of the float bowls and did nothing else
I got it all back in today and it took a while to fire up and it sounds like its missing runs real rough and will only run with full choke on i took the air cleaner off to see if the plug wires where wrong no all good . Is it worth taking it all out to see that maybe i did do some thing i shouldnt of . Wanted to ride today as its in the 70s here and rain for the next five days and help would be great thanks

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Re: need help after carb clean

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:15 pm

You might have actually plugged some jets up by disturbing the gunk you were cleaning out. Before panicking, I'd run a can or two of Seafoam through - half a can per full tank of gas. I'd be surprised if it doesn't improve.

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Re: need help after carb clean

Post by lake_harley » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:01 pm

I too believe in the wonders of Seafoam, but having just been through quite an ordeal with the carbs on the '83 1100 I'm getting back on the road, I think you'd be well served by pulling the carbs and going through them and thoroughly cleaning them. I personally didn't buy kits (mostly because I'm a tightwad) but I did have the pleasure of pulling the carbs off of the bike 5 times. I'll take the blame for having to do it over and over, but it was nothing more than my impatience and not doing everything I needed to do right the first time. Make sure every last little port, jet and airbleed hole is clean. Make sure the float levels are set to the proper height with the carbs tilted correctly (that was the final key to my 5th time being the charm) and doing a careful bench sync before putting them back on the bike. I will defend myself a bit and say that a previous wrench had some things really messed up in the carbs when I got the bike. I spent hours reading on the internet and looked through many write-ups and tips on carb rebuilds and there are no shortcuts to get them right, in my opinion. There are some very detailed rebuild procedures available by searching through Google. If you don't already have pinched O rings and fuel bowl gaskets causing leaks, you may be able to do it "on the cheap" like me and not even have to buy kits. Just my $.02

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Re: need help after carb clean

Post by motorcyclemedic » Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:49 am

Go to Randakks cycle shack- read ALL his tech notes on the GLs- Randal Washington is THE authority on the gold wings Esp the carbs- You may need to tear down the carbs and clean them- but don't panic- it isn't as bad as you might think- but do try the Seafoam first- also there is a product that Yamaha sells, that Randall mentions, gives PN for- is also a very good product for cleaning carbs- If your tank is rusty inside- the rust will go thru the filter and collect on the tiny screen on top of the float needles- and will go thru to the float bowls- no good cure but to clean/ apply chem coating to inside of tank or replace tank-anyway- google Randal Washington/gold wing, and his site will pop up- if you contact him tell him Dennis in Anchorage sent you- good luck!! Dennis

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