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GL1100A CB

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:58 pm
by kjroondog
Where can I find a complete CB system for a 1100 Aspy? I am thinking of buying one but it doesn't have a CB. I would like to have something set up so I can communicate to others in the group and also have intercom to yak with my passenger. Well, I guess it would be nice if the passenger was able to hear and respond CB as well.
Are there aftermarket sysytems? I know that J&M makes a portable CB to put on the handlebars and with a bit of inginuity, a push to talk switch can be set up and be able to use the headset. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Re: GL1100A CB

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:55 pm
by WingAdmin
Honestly, if I were looking to do what you are doing, I would go with the J&M. You could get a nicely integrated original Honda CB, but they are 30-35 years old at this point, and they do seem to fail regularly at this age. The electrolytic capacitors in them are not aging well. I went through two of them, and even after I got them rehabbed, they still seemed to start drifting off frequency when temperature changed.

The J&M is made with modern components, works unfailingly, and has great sound quality. I put one on my wife's bike.

Re: GL1100A CB

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:26 pm
by kjroondog
I agree, J M seems the way to go. There are enough folks that have gone that way to provide answers to any questions setting up.