83 gl 1100 carbs

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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83 gl 1100 carbs

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Hello again. Thanks for all the good topics and advice. Is their a way to do carb. Sync without vacuum gauges? (Static). Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!!

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Re: 83 gl 1100 carbs

Post by ekvh »

You probably mean what is referred to as a bench synch. That's where you set each throttle plate as close to the same as you can. Some use a feeler gauge, some use a guitar string, ( which if not careful can leave marks on the plates) . I set mine on 77's to half covering the one hole that is visible on the bottom of the throats.

Start with number three, right side rear, and set it to whatever space you choose. Smaller is better than bigger. Once they're all set, they will move synchronized with just the throttle stop screw on the bellcrank. After three is set, set carb one as close to it as you can using the synchronization screw between the 1-3 carb bodies, then go to the other side and do carb 2 to 4, then match 2-4 to 1-3 using the synchronization screw to the rear of number 4.

You can get them pretty close this way, and provided your compression is close in all cylinders, ( valves all adjusted properly) may not need any more synchronization.
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Re: 83 gl 1100 carbs

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You are only a days' ride from me, I'm tempted to bring mine down to you. (Getting snow right now, though)
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Re: 83 gl 1100 carbs

Post by RBGERSON »

You can make a "gauge for $5.00..12' of 1/4" tubing, a yardstick and two aquarium pump valves. and some colored fluid or ATF,


the valves allow you to adjust the draw so all the fluid isn't sicked into the cylinders..reducing the ID to something very small size of a needle diameter is what yoiu need, like a very small straw..glued in place or clapping the tubes down to reduce flow.

And the adapters to screw into the intake sports.you can make that too just need to drill out the right size bolt the smaller the hole the better..micro bits!!!..then you may not need to restrict the flow.


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