GL1100 was running, seems fuel starved now

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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GL1100 was running, seems fuel starved now

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Own an 82 GL1100 in Florida where I normally winter 2 months & summer 3 weeks, so bike obviously sees limited use. Bike has always started & run reliably. Fresh plugs & oil change a year ago, not sure I remembered to intentionally run it out of gas under my carport.

On arrival a week ago, installed new battery, bike fired up immediately & idled smoothly with full choke as usual, then I idled it down some. I let it idle for a few, maybe 10 minutes, then it died, like maybe it ran out of gas. Plenty of gas in tank, but I added ½ gallon fresh. Pulled fuel line from fuel pump IN & fuel flows freely from petcock on both main & reserve. Can spray starting fluid or carb cleaner into air intake & engine will start & run briefly or continuously if I keep spraying, so it seems clear to me fuel starvation. I tried the carb spray for about 5-10 minutes on & off, hoping whatever would loosen or unclog, to get it to idle again, no luck.

Guess I’ll next check if the fuel pump is pumping, if that can be evaluated by cranking engine. Is the pump a common failure? Not confident enough to remove or disassemble carbs to look deeper into the starvation issue. Just really puzzled that it started immediately & idled so well, only to die after a few minutes & not be able to get it to start & idle normally again. Are there any other simple & obvious places to explore, like a loose or leaking vacuum hose, that would mimic my problem? Thanks in advance.

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Re: GL1100 was running, seems fuel starved now

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By all means, remove the fuel pipe from pump to carbs and place the end in a jar. Crank the engine, with petcock on, and you should see regular spurts of fuel coming out. You could also right up a temporary fuel supply straight into the carbs from a separate tank (held higher than the carbs). As long as the carb floats are operating freely, it should run.
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