eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

Post by den458 »

DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE: my historically great-running 82 GL1100 sat about 2 years & wouldn't start, I discovered the fuel pump quit. Ordered another used one from eBay & foolishly just bolted it on, connected fuel hoses (with new fuel filter), hit the starter button... a bunch of dark bits (OH CRAP !) immediately flowed out of the fuel pump into carb#3, observed via the new, clear fuel lines. I should have first run the pump output to a clear vessel where I could observe the fuel flow & color. Within a few seconds it was flowing normal fuel color, but the bike now runs poorly. It does idle, but I don't really know how many cylinders are getting fuel, I'm guessing it's running on 3/4. I did take it out on 2 runs (6 miles then 10 miles), up to 45 mph, hoping it would flush out & start running better. It still ran poorly & the temp gauge crept up to the borderline between normal & hot. Temp-wise, I was afraid to push it any harder. It didn't go into the hot zone, but I know normally it would sit near the midpoint of normal. Topping off the coolant reservoir didn't help. I understand I should wait until the bike is stone cold before removing a plug to see what it can tell me about presence of fuel & firing. I've pulled no plugs yet. I have added a 5.25 oz bottle of STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner to the fuel tank that now contains about 4.5 gallons of fresh fuel. So, a couple questions, advice greatly appreciated....
Can I eventually damage my GL1100 by riding it while it runs poorly? Is elevated engine temperature a normal result of running poorly? Is there an ideal RPM I should maintain that will most likely free-up whatever crap I allowed into the carbs? Like 3K-4K RPM? Or should I just get out on I-95 & run it hard until something in the fuel delivery resolves itself? Can you recommend other fuel additives that might dislodge or dissolve whatever crap entered the carbs? Thanks in advance, Denny

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Re: eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

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I would say there is no magic in a bottle that will fix that.
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Re: eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

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Tine to pull the carbs and clean them..

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Re: eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

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Carefully remove the top cover of the pump and clean debris as well. There’s probably more there and under the diaphragm as well. Going this far, don’t stop at third base. Check the tank as well.
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Re: eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

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To answer your original question, yes you can damage the engine, the dirt is blocking your jets, so the engine is now running lean and that can damage an engine, for short periods of time it wont harm but it needs to be addressed. No liquid cleaner is going to solve this, you are going to have to drop the float bowls and blow all the jets clear with compressed air. I would also suggest completely cleaning the pump as there might be more stuff still stuck in the pump that will come out when you are riding. Its a bugger to have to clean the carbs, but at least it doesn't cost anything, just needs time & patience. You now know what you are doing this weekend!! :oops:

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Re: eBay dirty fuel pump causes carb disaster - please help !

Post by redbug »

Bought a dead horse once. Thought is was just sleeping......What a mess I had to clean up!

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