Cooling system question

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Cooling system question

Post by tstjohn84 »

Started up my 82 1100i tonight after replacing the 7 volt regulator it ran good and my fuel and temp guage started working as they should the fan kicks on when it should everything seemed fine then I noticed what appeared to be white smoke coming from the thermostat housing gasket but I didn't see any fluid has this ever happened to any body...I just changed the thermostat at the beginning of last riding season and never had an issue until now. And there is coolant dripping from the little weep hole under the timing belt cover.

Another question kinda of this topic but can the valve cover gaskets be changed without having to take the timing belts off I'm a decent enough mechanic, I think, but tearing into the timing belts makes me a nervous wreck. I've watched and read just about every tutorial I can find on it and I know that they are like the first thing that I should do but I'm worried I'll miss something and then be out of a ride and definitely can't afford a pro to do it. Any advice would be greatly appropriately. Thanks

P.s. I have had the timing belt cover off and the belts do look OK...I know that doesn't mean a lot but it gave me a little peace of mind

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Re: Cooling system question

Post by Wilcoy02 »

Yes you can change the valve cvrs w/out taking off the timing belts.
But do change the belts if you have no idea of their age. They may look good but if they break then you are truly out of luck.
On the back side of the covers write the milage and date when you do change the belts. You will not ride very far if the belts are not replaced properly. You will know if you are off a tooth or two off. It will not run and idle good.

As far as the coolant- take the covers off and see where the leak is at for certain. You can run the engine with the cvrs removed.
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Re: Cooling system question

Post by ekvh »

My Wings tend to spring little leaks after a winter if sitting. Check your upper hose, radiator side and engine side. Mine need a twist or two on the clamps now and then.

The first time with the belts is intimidating, but as long as you mark the crank pulley location at T1 with both UP marks up. It cannot go bad unless you go turning the crank much. The right side pulley will move clockwise on you. It won’t move as much and will be easier to turn if you loosen all the valve adjusters all the way out. Then do a valve adjust when you’re done.

Understanding the proper sequence of tightening the belts is important too. Tighten the left(as sitting on the bike) side first, right at T1, but the right side can needs to be turned 180 degrees— which is 360 degrees of crank rotation— which is T1 again and then tighten it.

If you loosened the valves you could set the corresponding valve clearances at the same time. First T1 is 1int, 1ex, 2int, 3ex, 4 intake, the other four at T1 the second time.
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Re: Cooling system question

Post by RBGERSON »

The dip under the water pump elbow means yoiu have a bad pump or bad o ring in the pump housing..may not hurt anything for a while guys have run with a small dip for months. If you take the elbow off..just two bolts..note it will drain teh radiator so put a bucket under. If you can move the impeller side to side at all ANY!! wiggle it means you pump bearings are shot..if it's solid then a bad o ring or mechanical seal see the pics green = oil blue =water



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