LED headlight

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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LED headlight

Post by Barracuda3077 »

Hello all, I'm looking to upgrade the headlight to an LED headlight. I have an 82 gl1100. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

Many thanks,

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Re: LED headlight

Post by jeffcosmo »

Sure, they're in my town, but the LED light is bright and I ride home at midnight every night, so I can assure you it's good.

P.S. Mine's an '83 Aspy, so no real difference.
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Re: LED headlight

Post by rr2 »

Hi Howie,

I have an 82 Aspencade. I replaced my headlamp with this one:
http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo ... sion/3149/

I had to modify the receiver slightly because the up/down control was interfering but mostly I just bent the thing out of the way.
HUGE difference in night time visibility with 3600 Lumens. And it doesn't load my alternator as much as the halogen lamp did. I am also adding a pair of 30W LED spots on the crash bars in a couple of weeks. Those will be pointed to the sides for night time driving to illuminate the woods / side of the road for deer and turkey. Huge problem down here in Virginia where I live.

It has been a year and a half since I purchased and installed and the lamps seem to be getting more powerful. Maybe there are better ones out there. But I can tell you that I feel much more comfortable riding at night than I did before with the Halogen headlamp.
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Hoosier Jack
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Re: LED headlight

Post by Hoosier Jack »

You're going to feel better riding in the day time too. These things are bright and since I installed mine I have not had anyone pull out in front of me. (Knock on wood) I never have people blink me either. I think that since there are so many vehicles with them now, and they are so bright, other drivers just accept it. The man with the bright light will pass

Wouldn't matter to me anyway. I like being seen, and being able to see.
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Re: LED headlight

Post by Wilcoy02 »

I replaced mine with 7" DOT H4 CRYSTAL DIAMOND MOTORCYCLE HEADLIGHT $21.95 + $10.99ship = $32.94
It really lights the road up. It was a plug and play.

I also put the spot on the lower crash bars on each side. Which as the other night I had no headlight. The spots got me 50 miles to home - on a freeway no less.

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