Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Post by DocDan »

Well, the time has come. I went to start my bike two weeks ago and the motor seized. I manually turned the motor backward, then tried again. It turned once and stopped. Charged the battery overnight, made sure oil was good and tried again the next day, same story. In a fit of desperation, I tried to popstart her and just left a rear tire skid mark. Something is definitely wrong. She’s definitely way overdue for an overhaul; so, I started tearing her down today to pull the motor and see if it can be rebuilt. The last motorcycle motor that I rebuilt was a 1969 Honda GS160, back in ‘91. Here are a couple of pictures of where I’m at today, planning to get the motor out tomorrow, May 18, 2018. I plan to post pictures and details of my trials and tribulations, mainly because I expect to get stuck at many points along the way. Wish me luck!

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Re: Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Post by madmtnmotors »

Ye-ouch! Sounds like a $15 timing belt, which would mean that your valves have been repurposed as piston stops. Hopefully there is some other (less catastrophic) source of the problem, but it sounds to me like you lost at least one of the timing belts. What surprises me is that you "turned the motor backward" (which is another indication that your pistons are hitting valves) and continued to slam the pistons into the now stuck open valves (or whatever else is obstructing proper engine rotation). My guess is you will find a broken belt, hammered and bent valves, and possibly a broken piston. You may want to make sure you can get crankshaft main bearings and rod bearings before you get too far into it. It might be cheaper (and easier) to refresh a used good motor than to try and attempt an overhaul and find out you can't get the parts you need. If the piston isn't too beat up you could replace the valves, or possibly the entire head, and just keep riding. With new timing belts of course.

Keeping my fingers crossed that your problem is less serious and easily remedied. Keep us posted!

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Re: Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Post by DaveO430 »

Probably hydro locked. Lucky if you didn't bend a rod. Pull the spark plugs and it will probably spin right over, spitting gas about 20 feet.
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Re: Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Post by LittleGoldy »

Interestedly Watching :| Got s similar problem, but not with the engine. Just a Project
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Re: Rebuilding my 1982 GL1100 Goldwing

Post by dakotanator »

DocDan.......all of our hopes and prayers are with you..!! :roll:

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