Stuck in neutral ?

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Stuck in neutral ?

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While riding the bike just died ? Turned out that the rebuilt starter had fallen apart inside itself. So I just installed a new starter. Now all it is doing is you hear a click when you hit the start button. It is not cranking. (there is 12.4 volts and a new solenoid) But when I go to make sure it is in neutral it seems that it won't shift into any of the gears. The neutral light is on. But to me it sounds like it might be in gear but it still moves around like it is in neutral. I mean there is a soft sound that sounds like it might me engaged in a gear, but it moves freely as if in neutral. Regardless I cannot seem to get the gearshift pedal to engage the transmission into any of the gears. Is it possible to get stuck somehow and if so how can I free it up ? Thankyou Keith Lyon 725-221-1443

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Re: Stuck in neutral ?

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There are a lot things here that could be addressed. The starter issue could still be just the starter. You may be having problems with the starter switch at the handlebar. Take it apart and clean it out. The starter clutch may be an issue too and that is quite involved. Motor coming out involved. It may also be that your solenoid is giving you problems and that is why you are hearing a click. It would seem to rule out the starter and solenoid since you have replaced them but I guess you never know.

I suspect that it is more likely a ground problem. Start checking that, all of your connections. Try to adjust your clutch as well. That may cure your shifting problem. Was it acting up before all of this? Clunky, missing gears, popping out of gear? As far as the neutral light is concerned it is controlled by this little doodad under the water pump housing and I think they are kind of finicky. Mine comes on some times in first gear.

Maybe someone else can come in here to shed some light on the symptoms of starter clutch problems and if there are any dots to connect.

I have my motor out right now to change the stator. While the stator was out I went ahead and inspected the starter clutch and cleaned things out, although it looked okay.
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Re: Stuck in neutral ?

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You usually can't get the trans to shift unless the engine is running or the bike is moving. You need to check if it is getting power to the starter. If you just plugged in a new aftermarket solenoid it's probably miswired.
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