aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Post by Snoogens »

Howdy folks,
First off, I want to express how excited i am about this forum! so much info!

Here is the question, I am trying to figure out how involved it would be to replace the original 1980 GL1100 analog cluster with the aspencade digital cluster. Has this been done? Any information about additional parts, sensors, cables needed to do this?

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Re: aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Post by froche »

Well to just name a few that I can think of:
Speedo; uses an electronic sensor at the front wheel "axle" so you need to get a speedo "drive" and what ever it interacts with at the wheel.
Gear; reads 1 through OD needs a switch inside the transmission (behind the water pump)
Temperature; electronic ... need a replacement for that
Gas Guage; electronic .. if the tank has the same as 1200 aspencade then you are ok, but if not electronic replacement for that
Low fuel light... also electronic
RPM.. not a cable electronic also
Trip odometer and trip odometer panel (atop the ignition housing)

So all those electronic parts that may or may not fit, and Wiring that isn't in the 1100 and 100 wire harness

I imagine that the the 2 turn signals don't just blink they have a left and right side that blinks with the direction ans turns off after a measured distance.
Neutral probably the switch that is used for the gear
Tail light indicator, probably easy
Highbeam also easy

Probably easier to put a 1200 engine into an 1100 frame and replace the harness.
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Re: aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Post by WingAdmin »

I think he's talking about putting the 1983 Aspencade GL1100 digital dash in, not a GL1200 digital dash.

In this case, it should be much easier. You would need the gear selector switch also changed, as well as the electronic speed sensor. Most of the other sensors however are still the same.
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Re: aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Post by jeffcosmo »

Some of this depends upon how good are you at fabricating, and more depends upon how good you are at automotive electrical.
Obviously, I have experience (look at my avatar), and I have all the parts (save a good speedo drive and sensor).
My advice, don't even think about it.

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Re: aspencade digital cluster to replace gl1100 analog

Post by dakotanator »

Honestly....I have an '83 Aspencade, and I would KILL for the ANALOG GAUGES instead of the digital.
After all the work I've done, this bike is a permanent addition to my collection, but the NEXT bike........'82 Aspencade or '83 Interstate.
Love the analog over the digital.

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