Exhaust and Jets

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Looking at an 81 GL1100

Exhaust and Jets

Post by jasncab »

Hi everyone.

Got my '81 running after changing the oil.
I know I needed to address the belts.

First. I always thought the "nest in the exhaust" was just an old mechanic's tale, but nope.
I found two things. 1. a hole in the exhaust and 2. seeds coming out of that hole...

Anyway. I am thinking of chopping the exhaust right where before it hits the cross pipe and running it straight back a few inches and then down.
So not mufflers. In AZ I can get away with it where I am at.

What about jetting the carbs then?

Any adjustments needed? Looking at the existing plugs, the engine was running rich. It hadn't run for a year, so it might be just condensation etc, but they were pretty wet and black.

I'll be pulling the tank to clean it out over the next few weeks, so I might as well go through the carbs at the same time. (I ran the gas through a container to the pump).

Any kits to recommend for the carbs?
Any specific kits for the fuel pump? The diaphragm looked cracked.

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Re: Exhaust and Jets

Post by redbug »

Go over to Randaks and see if he can help you out or cowboy Pete's. OEM Honda pumps are available, Oem on carb needles also. Report back.
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Re: Exhaust and Jets

Post by RBGERSON »

Randakk best kits and most expensive and it's only the rubber bits, float needles OEM only aftermarket give most people problems but that's up to you. right now $10 for 4 1100 kits on Ebay??? get what youi pay for???

Jets shouldm't need changing running straight pipes.

There art no fuel pump rebuild kits; not meant to be rebuilt but can be..need vitron 1/16" diaphragm, drill press and small tap..how to's over at the NGW site.

Same with water pumps can be rebuilt but not meant to be..you

buy the parts or a kit from a guy in Denmark..bearings, seal, mechanical seal.

drill the shaft install washer and small bolt..harder than it looks

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