Is Your Starter Old?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Hoosier Jack
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Is Your Starter Old?

Post by Hoosier Jack »

Mine is, around 70,000 miles old. My starter was pitifully slow so I took it off and apart. Here's what I found:

I said somewhere else that the stuff in there is what God used to form man. No wonder it was dragging. Ordered a new brush set, will clean it up and grease and see if it don't work a little better.

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Re: Is Your Starter Old?

Post by winguyjo »

i have no idea how many miles are on my goldwing/starter cuz i just bought it. starter was close to dead so it was one of the first jobs i tackled, following a how-to on this forum. brushes were well within spec but one was hanging up in its holder.
a good cleaning and the starter works fine now.
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Re: Is Your Starter Old?

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

Yep that is definitely due for a 70,000 mile service.

Take your time and get all the carbon out - a good wash down internally and clean up the commutator as well with some fine emery paper - then wash it down again.

Make sure to clean out between the commutator segments as this is where carbon can hang up and short between the segments. A new set of brushes and you should be good to go for another 70,000.


When you pull it all apart - make sure to mark on the case and end cap - where they align on disassembly - then it will go back together a lot easier.. grease those planetary gears as well.
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