Straighten bent brake lever.

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Straighten bent brake lever.

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I had heard about some ways to straighten bent levers. I thank prior posters for that info. They are cast aluminum and will easily snap off instead of bending.
I had great success, so I will share my method here.
You have to anneal the aluminum first.
Heat area with a torch... but they melt at only about 1200 deg F., with no visible warning that you are near that limit.
Smear ordinary bar soap onto the lever. When it turns black and charred, that's about 800 deg F. Since this is a black finished lever, I had trouble seeing that effect. So I periodically pulled the flame away and swiped fresh soap on. It melted as I swiped (white), but when it turned black within a couple seconds, that's when I knew we were at about 800. Dropped it into a bucket of water.
It is now cool, but annealed. I used a big vise, a pipe, several different wood scrap pieces as shims, and some rubber mat pieces (to keep from marring the surface by the vise jaws). It took me 15 minutes of bending a little, then readjusting the vise and shim pieces to get the correction "bend force" at the desired points. But there is no hurry as I was NOT trying to work quickly while it was hot... rather it was at room temp.
I had made a paper sketch off the companion clutch lever, and also had that lever available as a reference to measure progress. It worked like a charm.

Bent lever and paper sketch for target shape
Bent lever and paper sketch for target shape

Straightened lever matches pattern and cluch lever shape
Straightened lever matches pattern and cluch lever shape

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Re: Straighten bent brake lever.

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This is a good tip to know.
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Re: Straighten bent brake lever.

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An alternative is to get aftermarket adjustable levers, which are available to fit - I've done this before.
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