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Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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side cars

Post by tegid »

I recently bought a goldwing gl 1100 (1983) with sidecar. I have had owned several honda's through my life but this is my first venture into the world of sidecars and goldwings
First impressions - excellent bike and sidecar rigs are addictive. Fortunately I had good instruction from a confirmed sidecarist - even then I nearly took a trip into a local duck pond)
First problem was checking the oil level - the little porthole is almost inaccessable. I searched for a retrofit dipstick but then applied brain and found a simple solution - my camera, one little photo and I can see the level clearly.
Second point - the previous owner went through a lot of starters - is this a problem to look forward to ? Should I buy a spare or renovate one of the starters he gave me ?
Finally what tyre pressures would you recommend for the rig ?
Best wishes from somewhere in north France where we have a good quality of rain (quantity as well)

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Re: side cars

Post by newday777 »

Howdy Frank from across the pond.
That's a good looking rig.
If he gave you the other starters, there are good "How to articles" at the top header of the forum to clean and rebuild them.
If cables are bad, ie corrosion in them from the battery or burnt wiring under the battery cover they need to be addressed as possible culprit to the bad starter, though, if they were new Chinese starters they can be the problem, cheap planetary gears and internal wiring.
40 psi front, 42 psi rear, 25 psi sidecar tire.
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