When to replace valve seal?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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When to replace valve seal?

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How do I know if my valve seals are worn?
The previous owner said the valve seals need to be replaced but I have not noticed it burning excessive oil since I have had the bike.
I burn coolant severely and plan on changing the head gasket to fix my coolant issue. However I am not sure if I have a valve seal issue.
How can I tell if the valve seals are worn?

1983, GL-1100 Interstate

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Re: When to replace valve seal?

Post by Aussie81Interstate »

Normally by the exhaust showing excessive white smoke on startup and not going away... If the valve stem seals are old and dry - they will leak oil past them and allow oil to enter the combustion chambers causing the white smoke.

IF you are replacing both head gaskets - it would be an ideal time to replace the seals - and more than likely service the heads and valves as required.
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