'83 GL1100 - Cold temps, blocked idle mixture, or other?

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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'83 GL1100 - Cold temps, blocked idle mixture, or other?

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I'm having trouble getting my '83 GL1100 to idle normally without any choke. Details are:
- outside temps have been in the 30's and 40's
- carbs were cleaned last summer, test started, ridden, and stored with stabil over the winter
- I *think* I removed the idle screws when cleaning the carbs, but i've done a few sets of carbs over the last year and my memory is blurred as to what I've done on which
- I probably cleaned the air cutoff passages and the diaphragms were OK.
- Bike will start fine with choke, but dies if I try to take choke off. Even after warming up long enough to make the fan start
- the idle screw is set almost all the way in, likely too much if everything was normal. I;ve tried a few different settings, but he bike always dies after turning the choke off.
- The idle mixture screws were initially set to ~2.5 turns out, but I've since loosened them almost all the way out to try and fix the problem

All this leads me to think that either the idle mixture screw passages are blocked or something else needs cleaning. I'll try removing the idle mixture screws and running a guitar string up thru the passage. It looks to be a straight shot into main carb opening.

I'd rather not remove the entire carb bank if that can be avoided.

Any other guidance or thoughts from the experts?

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