Busted tach cable and locked up tach bonus

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Busted tach cable and locked up tach bonus

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I was replacing my busted tach cable, it had the little coupler cable ends at the fuel pump drive thingees sheared off.
After routing the cable the best way possible so to keep from it making sharp turns, I got to the tach cable connector and checked for free play in the tach, come to find out it was locked :( it would not turn.

Tach gauge is a sealed item, it requires careful prying/deforming of the ring that holds both half together with a screwdriver, so to get to the inside of it to lube and work the internal shaft loose from gummed up grease/corrosion.

The following link help me figuer out wat to do https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to ... eter-and-/

Getting grease in to the tach drive shaft was difficult to say the least but it turns real nice and free now 8-) .

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